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Sliceland - Curver Thoroddsen's Art Project (2009)

Sliceland - Puffin Pizza's @ Látrabjarg
You can put headphones on a puffin, you can go puffinwatching, or you can put puffin on a pizza.
Like Curver Thoroddsen did @ a lighthouse for an art project
During the Whitsun Weekend 2009 Curver sold Puffin Pizza's in a Lighthouse on the westernmost point of Europe, Látrabjarg, near the cliffs of Bjargtangar in the West Fjords of Iceland.
More about Curver
Curver Thoroddsen represents the new generation of prominent Icelandic artists. Initially known for his large scale "real life-performances" executed with the help of the Icelandic media reflecting his everyday life. Typical examples of his previous works are projects in which he moved into a new apartment, ate hamburgers every day or went on a diet. The real world, as it appears to most of us, acquires new meaning when transformed to the realm of art and media. Furthermore, Curver has painstakingly manipulated his own identity, asshown by his decision to eliminate his given name and adopt instead the brand name of the international plastic manufacturer "Curver".
He has participated in several group shows in New York City and was commissioned by Performa 09 with his established experimental band Ghostigital. His works have been featured in The Living Arts Museum and The National Gallery of Iceland. Curver recently won the prestigious Svavar Gudnason Award and his performances are included in the first ever Icelandic Art History book.
Born in 1976, Curver has also been very active in the experimental music scene, in recent years as one of the progressive duo Ghostigital with Einar Örn Benediktsson of Purrkur Pillnikk, KUKL, The Sugarcubes and Grindverk fame.
Curver @ MySpace

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