sunnudagur, ágúst 05, 2007

Amiina Live @ Icelandic TV and also Phonecast/Interview @ French TV

Amiina, 4 young Icelandic girls are on their own now. First in the shadow of Sigur Ros (together on tour and on stage). But now their first full album "Kurr" is released. I like the album (****). Few years ago they made already an EP (Smekkleysa
"Seoul" Live performance for the National Icelandic television program Hljomsveit Kvöldsins (music band of the evening) (Sjonvarpid, 2007)

Phonecast about the New Album "Kurr " released recently by Amiina. Featuring an Interview on the run with 2 members of Amiina (Edda & Solrun). Item is fortunately in English but the subtitles are in French.
And I have to mention also a Special of their Record label (Ever Records) about Amiina (more than 9 minutes):

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