sunnudagur, ágúst 19, 2007

From Keflavík... With Love: the Icelandic Pop Music Museum

Keflavik, the location of the International Airport, about 50 kms away from downtown Reykjavik (45 min drive). Once, for 50 years, the town of the Yankees in Iceland, because about 5.000 soldiers were lodged in the military base @ the airport, which started as a military airport. The American soldiers brought the American culture to the island, especially their music. A lot of people were listening to the American radiostation, and got influenced by the American style.
Keflavik is also called the Icelandic"Beatlestown", 'cause there's a link with the Fab Four from Liverpool. Years ago their was even a band in the footsteps of the Beatles ... Hljomar. (Runar Juliusson)

Because of all of this, Keflavik also has the Icelandic Pop Music Museum, Poppminjasafn Islands in Icelandic, to offer.

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