sunnudagur, ágúst 12, 2007

Æla live Videos - Puke and Punk

Æla is an Icelandic band, whose name translates as Puke, or Vomit, whichever you like better. Despite the repugnant name the band is actually delightful, drawing inspiration primarily from Icelandic punk band Purrkur Pillnikk, whose singer later went on to form The Sugarcubes. This punk influence they mix with a dash of humour and crazyness, and their towering lead singer, Halli Valli, is a delight to watch as he balances precariously on wobbly chairs or runs around the venue hacking on his wireless guitar. Now they're about to invade Britain, and I recommend you go see them if they happen to pop up in a venue near you.
Æla live performance @ NASA (March 2007)

Live @ The Good Ship (London)

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