mánudagur, ágúst 13, 2007

Popp i Reykjavik aka Pop in Reykjavik (1998)

In 1998 a CD and Video was made with the title "Popp i Reykjavik".
A reference to the movie "Rokk i Reykjavik" made by director Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, who mainly was focusing on the Punk scene of Iceland's capital. The music of this movie was put on a double LP, now hard to find and expensive. I have the double LP, and also the re-release on the Smekkleysa label (double CD & Video).
Popp i Reykjavik (Pop in Reykjavik) is not yet available on DVD. The CD and VHS Video are hard to find too. Some artists and songs you can find on the CD: Björk with "Hunter", Lhooq with "A day lasts forever", Bang Gang with "Sleep", GusGus with "Very Important People", Slowblow & Emiliana Torrini "Flirt".

I found one footage of the movie on YouTube, short interview in Icelandic (English subtitles) with the band Sigur Ros and performing the song "Ný Batterí". @ the end you see Curver aka Bibbi, now of Ghostigital fame.

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