föstudagur, ágúst 24, 2007

Ragnheidur Eiriksdottir "Eg og heilinn minn"

"Me and my brain", a song by Heida aka Ragnheidur Eiriksdottir (of Unun fame) and Dr Gunni (of Unun, S.H. Draumur and Bless fame). She tried to get a ticket for Finland to go to the Eurovision Song Contest (Eurovision song contest semi-final). Unfortenately she didn't succeed. Comments on YouTube are not all positive, but Gunni & Heida, I still like this song.

More about Heida's band Hellvar @ www.myspace.com/hellvarmusic
and http://hellvar.blogspot.com
Or my fanpage/tribute to Hellvar: http://gotohellvar.blogspot.com
More Dr Gunni: Check his very good site with blog: http://this.is/drgunni

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