mánudagur, ágúst 13, 2007

Second Show of Reykjavik Nights (London) - 26th of September 2007

The second show of the well received Reykjavik Nights in London is confirmed on september 26th. Featuring Hafdis Huld, Jan Mayen and Motion Boys, the evening will be part of promoting the Iceland Airwaves festival to British music lovers.
Hafdis Huld, former member of Gus Gus, has been busy touring after her debut album, Dirty Paper Cup, came out last year. She won the Icelandic Music Award for best pop album in 2006, and she’s gradually winning the hearts of Britain where she has been located for the past few years.
Jan Mayen are releasing their second album “ So much better than your normal life” and will be touring in the UK this September. They are undoubtedly one of Iceland’s best inde rock bands. Their music has been described as a combination of loud rock with pop and noise influences and critics have said their music sounds something like Sonic Youth, Minute Men, The Strokes, The Ramones, The Rapture, Pretty Girls Make Graves and Liars.
Motion Boys are the latest hype in Iceland. This dynamic duo is joined on stage by members of Trabant and Mínus, and despite the lack of a record label their infectious electro-pop songs have been making a splash on the airwaves in the past months.
All of these bands will also be appearing at the Iceland Airwaves festival held in Reykjavik in October.
To top it all, Reyka Vodka will be offering free cocktails to all of our guests. See you there!

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