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Podcast about Airwaves: "Airwaves Eruption"

Podcast (> 9 min) about the coming Iceland Airwaves Festival on YouTube and also the IMX website:

Featuring a.o. Ghostigital, GusGus, Reykjavik!, Jan Mayen, Mammut, Minus, and Mr Destiny (Airwaves manager) himself.
And also featuring a sunny Reykjavik by the way.
Check iTunes the 17th of September because
Much like the geological and volcanic activity that distinguishes its terrain, Iceland’s music scene has always had a steady reserve of fresh talent simmering just below the surface. And in that vein, Iceland Airwaves, the country’s yearly music festival, could be considered the musical equivalent of the volcanoes that call Iceland home, allowing amazing bands that have been rumbling in the underground to erupt into the bars and premiere music venues within the country’s capital city of Reykjavik.
The five day music festival, known amongst music fans as the place to catch the newest international talent, will return in October 2007 with a new showcase of the freshest faces in music, including not only hometown favorites such as mum, Gus Gus and Mugison, but international artists such as Bloc Party, Of Montreal and Deerhoof.
Now in its ninth year, the festival is commemorating its tradition of championing groundbreaking local talent with a compilation to be released exclusively on iTunes this September, giving the world a taster of the diverse artists Iceland has to offer. This compilation translates the experience of the Airwaves festival through 17 tracks from some of Iceland’s finest artists, whose sounds range from electronic gurgles to head-splitting metal, from hip-hop to folk lullabies.
Each song on the comp stakes its own territory; each artist sets him/herself apart from the rest. From the forlorn hazy melodies of Bang Gang, to the meticulous bleeps, blips and samples of Ghostigital, and the raucous post punk of Mammut, it is clear Iceland’s musical landscape is as lush, diverse, and unexpectedly warm as the terrain itself.
Also featured on the album is the jubilant eclecticism of Benni Hemm Hemm, the techno prowess of Gus Gus and the noisy guitar pop of Jakobinarina. The resulting compilation demonstrates a community sitting comfortably on the cutting edge of the international music scene.
Airwaves began in 1999 with their first show in an airplane hangar, and has since grown into one of the premiere showcases for new music in the world. Some of music’s most exciting artists, including The Flaming Lips, Franz Ferdinand, The Hives, Fatboy Slim and more, have played at the festival, sharing stages with some of Iceland’s finest talents: Sigur Ros, Gus Gus, Leaves, Apparat Organ Quartet and many more.
Photo found @ http://ralleffson.blogspot.com/
See below for track listings and education on the who’s who of this year’s Airwaves Festival.
Track Listings:
1. Mugison Go Blind
2. Lay Low Mojo Love
3. Eberg Sober in June
4. múm Dancing Behind my Eyelids
5. Gus Gus Moss
6. Reykjavík! Flybus
7. Dikta Breaking The Waves
8. Seabear I Sing I Swim
9. Benni Hemm Hemm Snjorljossnjor
10. Jan Mayen We Just Want To Get Everybody High
11. Mammút Ekki sofna núna
12. Ampop Two Directions
13. Bang Gang Find What You Get
14. Sign Dancing In (Airwaves Mix)
15. Mínus Futurist
16. Ghostigital Northen Lights
17. Jakobinarina His Lyrics Are Disastrous
More on Icelandic artists @ IMX website:
More on Festival:

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