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In the days before Minus

Spitsign was formed in 1996 from two bands called Paranormal and Mother Glory, both from a small town in Iceland called Mosfellsbær (now of Sigur Ros fame & studio Sundlaug (Swimming Pool) - a short note by Wim Van Hooste) Bössi, Bóas and Þórður Illugi [Spitsign´s first bass player] came from Paranormal and Bjarni from Mother Glory.
Spitsign took part in the Icelandic battle of the bands, and did very well. Won the first night of "battle" and got to the final night, being the only band that sang in English the band didn't win [reason?], but got good reviews in the papers.
The band recorded 3 demo songs for the contest. [Fuckup, Physicalmindrape and P.U.M.A.] Soon after the contest Þórður Illugi quit the band to pursue other interest.
Spitsign played as a trio for a full house at Hitt Húsið. With band called Soðin fiðla, Smári (a drummer for Subterranean) expressed his admiration of the band after this gig. (He loved them). He joined the band as a guitar player in January the following year.
A bass player was found, but he only played with the band for a short time, he recorded a demo and wrote "40's" and "A.K.A" with the band. The band "borrowed" Gundog's [a.k.a. Ungblóð a.k.a. FISK] bass player Ívar and he is still playing with the band and hopefully will do so from now on…
Since Ívar joined the band, they have played over 40 gigs all over Iceland [incl. Reykjavik, Keflavík, Husavík, and more]. One song has gotten some radio play [Bullzeye]. Spitsign got a manager [Máni Babylon] Spitsign played at the HAM tribute concert [their biggest show], also a few gigs in Reykjavik and at Pop in Reykjavik (aka Pop i Reykjavik in Icelandic).
Spitsign play an awsome gig at Undirheimar in September 1998 alot of people show up and there was a hole lot af moshing/slamm dansing
Smari quits the band, and spitsign continue playing as a four piece. A week or so later, singer and founding member Bóas quits the band. The band then split up.
Band members:
Bjössi and Bjarni are now in Mínus (on Victory Records)
Bóas is now with Vígspá

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