laugardagur, ágúst 25, 2007

Iceland vs Morr vs Belgium

The Belgian (Flemish) Band "The Go Find" from Antwerp went to Iceland to play @ Akureyri (Graeni Hatturinn) & Reykjavik (Idno).
These 2 Morr Nights (Morr Kvöld) were 1. June Akureyri and 5. June Reykjavik.
Also other artists on the German Morr Label, the Icelandic bands Benni Hemm Hemm (BHH) and Seabear, were on stage in their home country.
It is always nice to see them going to Akureyri, my home town in 1998 until 1999. Hé guys, I was looking @ the longest fjörd of Iceland for a whole year!
The Trailer

The Movie Part 1

The Movie Part 2

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