laugardagur, apríl 28, 2007

BloodGroup Videos

Bloodgroup is a band of three siblings, Halez, Raggi and Lilja, and their amazing Faroese sidekick, Janus. The band plays a sort of electronic dance-pop for people that like hotpants, beer and partying. The four members get a lot of their inspiration from the 90´s, but music that makes them tick includes The Knife, Stereo Total, Trabant and a bunch of other stuff. The enjoyment of watching Bloodgroup is seeing them twist buttons and push keys on their instruments as they give their set-up to you live and well.
Video of "Touch my buttons" by Ninna Margret (Thorarinsdottir)

"Moving like a tiger" video live performance for the Icelandic television

"Chuck"' live @ Aldrei for ég sudur (AFS) Icelandic Music Festival (Isafjordur, 2007)

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