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"Green grass of tunnel"

Director: Semi Conductor
Date: 2002
Green Grass of Tunnel was made by the talented team of Joe Gerhardt and Ruth Jarman from Semi Conductor.
Inspired by the mysterious terrian where the music was made they remodelled the very lighthouse and valley the band lived whilst recording Finally We Are No One.
They also brought to life Ovar's playful drawings that can be seen on this video.
More of Semiconductor's work can be see here at their homepage:
"Nightly cares"

"Will the summer make good for all our sins" (2004)

Promo Video for album "Summer make good"

"Ballad of broken birdie (Ruxpin remix II)"

Mum and Slowblow Live (from the movie Screaming Masterpiece)

More on this interesting movie:

"Ballad of the broken birdie" in mp3:

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