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Steintryggur - Icelandic percussion & drums

This is a story about two men from Iceland called Steingrimur and Sigtryggur that embarked on a little trip inside a former bikeshed. It all started with Steingrimur the Tabla Players longing to use his instrument within styles of music normally never populated by the Tabla. He therefore asked his old mate Sigtryggur to come and help him out and do something quite unheard of. Sigtryggur was also a drummer but had recently been doing more production type work and was in the process of setting up a studio in his house in Holland. Steingrimur Gudmundsson has been an active percussionist and drummer from the tender age of 16, playing in many different t bands and projects both in Iceland and elsewhere. His interests in music are far fetching. Sigtryggur Baldursson is an Icelandic drummer and producer that has in the past been a founding member of the Sugarcubes and worked extensively with people like Bjork, Howie B, Emiliana Torrini and others.
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Steingrimur Gudmundsson
Steingrimur has been an active percussionist and drummer from the tender age of 16, playing in many different bands and projects both in Iceland and elsewhere. After working with a few bands in Iceland in 1976 he moved to Sweden to study drums with the fabulous drummer Petur Oslund. Soon he began performing with different bands from Stockholm and touring in Sweden performing in a variety of clubs, theatres and festivals with bands such as Svea Strang and Ko Ko Yo Yo band. He worked with the music theater groups who worked for the Rikskonserter state program, all over Sweden. In 1981 he moved to California to study Tabla drumming with the master Swapan Chauduri at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafeal. In 1983 he moved upstate New York to study at Karl Bergers Creative Music Studio. There he performed with many great musicians such as Nana Vasconselos,Ayib Dyeng, Paulo Mora, Hadji Tekbilek,Ola Tunji and others. Steingrimur moved to Iceland in 1987 and soon started working with the Polish violin player Szymon Kuranform together they formed the band Suld. Suld recorded two albums and toured Iceland,England and Canada. Some of the bands and musicians that Steingrimur has worked with through the years are: Melchoir, Pnin, Spelverk 80, Koko Yo Yo band, Maria Motpol, Diabolis in Musica, 22 To Many, Suld, Oli Blaasali, Ludo sextett, Tala Trio, Icelandic Symphoni Orcestra, Birthmark, Ayib Dyeng, Elsie Petren,Szymon Kuran,Tryggvi Hubner, Incredible String Band, Larus Grmsson, John Tichai, Bruce Hamm,Tony Scarpa, John Shea, Gudmundur Inglfsson.To name a few. His main bands in the last few years have been, The Millionaires,Parabola, Bardukha and Steintryggur. Steingrimur is currently working on the second Steintryggur album and his first solo album, he is also working on a duo album with his father Gudmundur and a Icelandic folk song album.
Main Records:
Fria Teater- Bruket skall leva 1978
Diabolis in Musica - Lifit litum 1980
Suld - Bukoliki 1988
Suld - Blindflug 1990
Birthmark - Unfinished Novels 1994
Milljonamaeringarnir- Ekki thessi Leiindi 1993
Milljonamaeringarnir - Miljon a Mann 1994
Milljonamaeringarnir - Allur Pakkinn 1997
Millojnamaeringarnir - Thetta er nu meiri vitleysan 2001
Salin - Live 1999
Incredible String Band - Nebulous Nearnesses 2003
Steintryggur - Dialog 2003
Readymade - Clanky Chocolate Flavor Syrup 2004

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