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Sigur Rós Videos

Sigur Ros Videos
"Vidrar vel til loftarasa":
Director : Stefan Arnie, Siggi Kinski and Sigur Ros
Date : October 2001
Filmed in Iceland, with an entirely amateur cast and the group making
cameo appearances as the referee, score-keeper etc. 'Vidrar Vel Til
Loftarasa' tells a simple, if emotionally charged, tale of two adolescent boys' burgeoning feelings for each other, culminating in a kiss during a youth soccer match.
Directed by Stefan Arnie and Siggi Kinski who made their names as the creative force behind GusGus's groundbreaking live visuals, the members of Sigur Ros were intimately involved in all stages of the planning and execution of the video; writing the script, casting the characters and ensuring that their typically individual and beautiful conception remains pure.

Director : Agust Jacobsson and Sigur Ros
Date : January 2001
This unforgettable and award-winning clip, conceived by and supervised by the band with direction by Agust Jacobsson features the Perlan special-needs theatre group acting out a simple but beautiful play about the elements.


"Untitled # 1 (Vaka)":


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