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Motýl Video Live @ Músiktilraunir - Battle of the Bands 2005

Motýl made it to the finals in the Icelandic Battle of the Bands (Músiktilraunir) in 2005. Here is live footage from that night, performing "Photogram".

Motýl was formed in late june 2004 in a small town in Iceland called Hella. The band was formed under the policy to only write their own songs and do no covers. However there was one cover on Motýl's first lineup for a concert that summer. Motýl managed to write about 8 songs before Christmas that winter and then decided to rock the Iceland biggest Battle of the Bands in Reykjavik city. It was held in february till march 2005 and the boys made it thru semi-finals to the finals. They didn't win anything there except for the fact that they were standing with the top 10 bands of 50 playing that year. The Battle was shown in the Iccelandic National Television and has been broadcasted few times on National Radio 2. In spring 2005, Arnór Óli, guitarplayer decided to quit the band but by that time Motýl had played over 30 concerts all over the south and in Reykjavik. The audience was getting pretty big and things were starting to happen. Motýl might not have realized that until the comming summer. No guitarplayer had been found in August and an offer came to the band to play at Bar 11 downtown Reykjavik on Menningarnótt wich is a huge festival in Reykjavik. That was Arnórs last performance with the band that year, the audience was crazy and stories started to grow. Arnór told the band that he would never play again aftere that. In winter 2005 Gissur joined the band and came in with new things, plus that members were all a little tierd of the same old songs being played over and over again. They started some songwritings and the music took a little change. More hardcore, faster rock, more screaming and rawer guitar. He played with the band a few shows but late summer 2006 Arnór wanted to start again. So he did and played with Motýl at the birthday concert at Töðugjöld but then Motýl turned 2 years old. Today the sound of Motýl is like the most melodic tock you could ever find, played thru a tin can. What makes Motýl what it is today thou are the live perfomises. Rock nr. 1, 2 and last but not least 13!

A hope for a New Sound

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