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Lada Sport - First Album will be released on the Icelandic Geimsteinn label (July 2007)

Members of Lada Sport
Fridrik S. Fridriksson: bass
Haraldur Levi Gunnarsson: drums
Jon Thor Olafsson: guitar & vocals
Stefnir Gunnarsson: guitar & vocals

Record Label Geimsteinn (Keflavik, Iceland)
Lada Sport's First Album will be released in July 2007.

The life and loves of a typical garage band

The story behind the 4-piece Icelandic garage band Lada Sport is as normal as is gets. To some extent a typical garage band, where the guitarist/singer Stefnir Gunnarsson and drummer Haraldur Levi, were neighbours and started by covering some Weezer songs in a local garage. They didn't seem have a lot in common with the guys that came in and out of the garage and not having the guts to tell them that they didn't want their company, they either faked their own deafness or saying that they wanted only to play at funerals. But things started to look better in 2003 when the talented bassist Friðrik Sigurbjorn, from another garage band named after a drug, came along [despite also having nothing in common with the boys]. Heimir Gestur, a mutual friend [and now a member of Jakobinarina], also got sucked in as second guitarist later that year.

In 2004, after becoming second runner up after Mammut in the local battle of the bands competition, Musiktilraunir, the band quickly got a reputation through the internet and sold 200 copies in 2 months of a homemade EP in late 2004.

But after Heimir left the band the following spring the band was at the verge of a break up and spent the summer going through member changes. The ball started rolling again in fall 2005 when Jon Thor, from such garage bands as Dead Raggi in Botnledja and Isidor, came along as a second guitarist. Although being full of enthusiasm and immediately tuning their volume up, they quickly got tired of the fast paced dance rock that didn't quite seem to suit them. After long talks about music and heartbreaks their friendship grew and the sound changed. Stefnir and Jon decided to move in together and split the role of the lead vocalist between them.

The Lada Sport boys spend all of their time together and their sound is getting strong.

YouTube Lada Sport Videos:
"Royal Suits & Wine"

"Looks like she's eating flies again" Live (Tjarnarbio, Reykjavik)

"Summertime" Live (Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar)

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