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Bertel! Live @ Seltjarnarnes


Bertel! , a band of four, was formed in 2001. In their first years, they played rock and roll, punk and participated in “Músíktilraunir2004 only 14-15 years old and made it to the finals. After that their music developed fast and changed completely.
Now, Bertel! Is what happens when old school guitar meets a team of synthesizers and a human drum machine led by vocals and saxophones tripping on delay.
Recently Bertel! released their debut album named after the band. Forming their own record label. Playing all kinds of music in swimming pools, kindergardens and old peoples homes they funded their release.
While working on the record Bertel! also participated in a remaking of the old Clint Eastwood western “A fistful of dollars” with a French director. He decided to remake the old western in Icelandic environment. He contacted Bertel! through myspace and Bertel! composed new music for the film. The film is now shown in a French art festival in Paris.
The daily newspaper Fréttablaðið (jan. 2007) named Bertel one of the young and upcoming band of the year. Bertel! got good reviews in New Musical Express - NME Radar last year when the band played of venue last Airwaves. Bertel! was this summer the local arts group of Seltjarnarnes.
When space meets earth, when analog meets digital and the moon meets the sun. So if you want to dance, save the last dance for them.
Bertel! will play @ Iceland Airwaves Festival 2007 @ Gaukurinn @ 20:00 Saturday the 20th of October

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laurent gauthier sagði...

I was at the Gaukurinn for their show while the airwaves 2007 festival and they were so happy to be on stage and to share their music...
First time I heard them be I definitly enjoy their music and came back with the record at home. Bertel ! is great !