sunnudagur, október 07, 2007

The "Imagine Peace Tower" @ Videy Island

Yoko Ono talks about the "Imagine Peace Tower" on the Island Videy, nearby Iceland's capital Reykjavik.
On the birthday of John Lennon, the 9th of October, she will unveil the tower.

Ono collaborated with engineers from Iceland and Japan on the Imagine Peace Tower, which she designed to collect "wishes for world peace".
The tower is a beam of light emanating from a giant wishing well, which features the words 'imagine peace' in 24 languages, says the Associated Press.
It will be lit every year from October 9 (Lennon's birthday) to December 8 - the anniversary of his death.
The tower was built in Iceland because "it is a very eco-friendly country that relies on geothermal energy", said Ono.
She plans to bury every wish in capsules around the tower, so that the open space will turn into a forest.
Ono says the tower is the "the biggest birthday present I gave to John".

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