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Dýrđin's "Bubble Girl" one of the best songs of Airwaves '07 according to Pitchfork's Douglas Wolk

Iceland Airwaves Review
by Douglas Wolk of Pitchfork
"I feel a little odd cutting out of !!!'s packed, stellar gig-at the same time as Bloc Party and Chromeo are both playing a few hundred yards away -to check out a band I know only through a couple of MP3s. Fortunately, Dýrđin, playing upstairs at the tiny Grand Rokk to about 30 people, are the discovery of the festival for me - a gloriously pithy, pogo-worthy sha-la-la band in the Pipettes/Heavenly vein. ("No no no no no no no," in Icelandic, turns out to be "nei nei nei nei nei nei nei.") They've got a keyboardist in what looks like a Marimekko sweater, a bassist with an Iron Maiden T-shirt, and a pair of harmonizing singers with Swinging London haircuts; their set-closer, "Bubble Girl", is so familiar and perfectly formed that I figure it has to be a cover. (It's actually one of the songs I'd heard on the Iceland Airwaves site, but they play it about twice as fast."

I was one of the 30 people ... and one of the few who was taking pictures. Here's Wim Van Hooste's Slideshow of Dýrđin's energetic Bubble Girls & Boys performance @ Grand Rokk @ Iceland Airwaves '07:


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