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Hinn íslenzki Þursaflokkur or Þursaflokkurinn made it's first public appearance in Reykjavik in february 1978 and was active until 1982. "Þursaflokkurinn" or "The Icelandic Hobgoblins" as a dutch reporter translated the bands name, played over 300 concerts throughout Scandinavia, Europe and in the States, NY and LA respectively. The band released five records, "Hinn Ízlenski Þursaflokkur" 1978, "Þursabit" 1979, "Á hljómleikum" 1980 (Live recordings from the National Theatre concert), "Grettir - A musical" 1980, "Gæti eins verið" 1981, as well as recording an unreleased album provisionally entitled "Ókomin Forneskjan". Other work includes a collaboration with "The Icelandic Dance Company" in the ballet "Sæmundur Klemensson" and tours of that performance throughout the Nordic countries in 1979. Two TV shows for the "State Radio of Iceland" '78 and '79. And finally music for the the musical "Grettir" for "The Reykjavik City Theatre" in 1980, (Currently being revived at the new City Theatre). Awards include "DV's" or the "Daily Newspaper's" "Album of the year" and "Singer of the year" in 1978, "Band of the year" in 1978. In the summer 1979 the band relocated itself to Copenhagen, Denmark and toured Sweden, Finnland, Norway, Denmark, Friesland, Holland and Belgium, appearing at concerts and music-festivals as well as appearing in a series of radio shows recorded by the national radio of Sweden, Denmark and Finnland. Although Hinn íslenzki Þursaflokkur has not been active since 1982 it will in February 2008 get back together to celebrate its 30 year anniversary. They will be supported by the super Icelandic chamber orchestra "CAPUT". Conducted by Guðni Franzson. All members of the band have been active in the Icelandic music scene, save for keyboard player Karl J. Sighvatsson who passed away 1991.
Band Members
Egill Olafsson: Keyboards/Vox
Asgeir Oskarsson: Percussion
Tomas M. Tomasson: Bass/Keyboards
Runar Vilbergsson: Bassoon
Thor Arnason: Guitar
Karl J. Sighvatsson: Hammond Organ

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I just received today the Pursar box set unbelievable music!