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Herbert Guðmundsson was the singer of KAN, a band from the West fjords ('Vestfirðir') of Iceland (Bolungarvík)
Album cover of Í Ræktinni (In the Gym), released in 1984
KAN made the album "Í ræktinni" (In the gym) and the band was a big hit in Iceland. KAN only sang in Icelandic and was therefore only well known in Iceland. KAN was the biggest band in West fjords region at that time.
The song "Ertu í Ræktinni?" (Are you in the gym?) became very popular and was played much in the radio. The album was mixed with great party songs and gentle ballads.
KAN made a comeback in April 2006 in the music festival 'Aldrei Fór Ég Suður' which is held in Ísafjörður, capital of the West fjords. KAN didn't play more than just this one gig but the reactions to the band were amazing. The reunion got a lot of attention and Kastljós the biggest TV-Show in Iceland talked to the band and showed some live footage from their performance.

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