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My program @ the Airwaves 2007

Photograph of Hellvar @ Grand Rokk by Wim Van Hooste
More about Hellvar @ www.myspace.com/hellvarmusic, http://hellvar.blogspot.com/ and http://gotohellvar.blogspot.com/

I had a very busy schedule; 51 gigs in 6 days:

My Anthem of the Festival was
World Domination or Death!

Anthem of Tuesday: So much better than your normal life
Tuesday @ Gaukurinn:
Mammut, Sudden weather change, Who knew and Jan Mayen

Anthem of Wednesday: My favourite colour is blue
Wednesday @ 12 Tonar Shop:
Wednesday @ Rafskinna DVD Magazine Party @ Organ 2nd floor:
Seabear and Skakkamanage
Wednesday @ NASA:
Runar Thorisson, Single Drop, Eliza, Smoosh (US), Soundspell, Lights on the Highway and Shadow Parade

Anthem of Thursday: F*** you, I don't do what you tell me
Thursday @ Nordic House:
Boys in a Band (Faroe Islands) and Sprengjuhöllin
Thursday @ Smekkleysa and Pop, Rokk & Rosir:
Smoosh (US) and Eliza
Thursday @ Icelandair Opening Party @ Kjarval Museum:
FM Belfast & Örvar (of Mum)
Thursday @ Reykjavik Art Museum
Worm is green and Ampop
Thursday @ Organ:
Ulpa, The Telephatetics, Kimono and Skatar

Anthem of Friday: If you don't jump, you're English
Friday @ Nordic House:
Lay Low and Interview with Bubbi Morthens and Mum
Friday @ Frikirkjan:
Siggi Armann (part) and Steintryggur & Ben Frost
Friday @ NASA:
Mr. Silla & Mongoose, Bloodgroup, Skakkamanage, Prinzhorn Dance School (UK), Motion Boys, Gus Gus, Ghostigital and Hairdoctor

Anthem of Saturday: Give me gold
Saturday @ Smekkleysa, Pop, Rokk & Rosir:
Smoosh (US) and Bloodgroup
Saturday @ Frikirkjan:
Saturday @ Naked Ape Party:
The Ghost and FM Belfast
Photograph by Wim Van Hooste of the singer of FM Belfast @ Naked Ape Party on Saturday

Saturday @ Grand Rokk:
Stafraenn Hakon, South Coast Killing Company, Hellvar, Noise (part), Dyrdin, Eg and Hooker Swing

Anthem of Sunday: Astin er Rokk og Rol
Sunday @ Hafnarfjördur Theatre:
Abbababb! The Dr Gunni Musical
Photograph of the City Theatre of Hafnarfjördur by WVH

Sunday @ Organ:
short part of Coral
Sunday@ Gaukurinn:
part of Sudden weather change, Who knew, and Cut off your hands (NZ)

Anthem of Monday: Aeroplane
Björk in my ears on Channel 7 in the IcelandAirplane

We are the Earth Intruders !

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