mánudagur, október 29, 2007

Gus Gus @ NASA @ Iceland Airwaves 2007

See the "I love Icelandic Music" T-shirt in the press pit (2:12 and further)
Video by Kitty von Sometime

Here is de Slideshow of my Gus Gus photographs (taken in T-shirt):

It took a while (see Kitty Video above) until Gus Gus with Daniel Agust came on the NASA stage. A performance with D.A. as sort of J.C. (Jesus Christ) on the cross & colourfull dressed (backing vocal) singers. Climax with President Bongo and friends (Esja, Hairdoctor) screaming for Einar Örn to join the band with the Gus Gus song and my Friday anthem "If you don't jump, you're English".

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