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Eik were obviously one of the most accomplished symphonic progressive rock bands from Iceland, as clearly showed on their album "Hrislan og straumurinn" from 1977. The opening 14-minute title-track Hrislan og straumurinn is the strongest track, and features influences mainly from Camel and Yes. Some of the Moogs reminds me of Kansas in the "Song for America" period. Here are many fine melodies and themes. The performance of it is also convincing. "Fjöll" is another good song, and all the lyrics are sung in the band's native language, adding a certain degree of originality to their otherwise quite typical, late 70's symphonic progressive rock. The rest of the album tends to be more instrumental and has overall a funkier edge, with the instrumentals "Eitthvad allmennligt" and "Fúnk" as the highlights. Some of the remaining tracks sound a bit like unfinished bits and pieces, although the good ones weights up for these. So, if you're going to buy a progressive rock album from the legendary island, then this album would probably be one of the most obvious choices.
Eik's Album "Hrislan og straumurinn" Label: Spor (1977)

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