miðvikudagur, október 10, 2007

Jakobínarína making waves in the UK

An Icelandic indie group has been making waves recently in the British indie world and music critics are predicting their popularity will only increase when the band returns to the UK on October 11th. The band in question is Jakobínarína who come from Hafnafjördur in Iceland. The group played on Sunday 30th September at an all-ages show at the Roadhouse in Manchester.
The young band has gathered a reputation for itself for witty lyrics and pop melodies, gaining a name for itself by playing supporting slots with well known groups like the Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand.
The band is currently touring the US and Europe to promote their newest single ‘His Lyrics are Disastrous’. They were joined at their Manchester performance by Satin Peaches, a punk band from Detroit as well as the City Royals from Chester.
Ice News Network www.icenews.is
Jakobínarína @ Iceland Airwaves Festival 2006

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