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Sálin hans Jóns míns guitarist Gummi Jóns releases 3rd Solo Album

Gummi Jóns, guitarist and songwriter in Icelandic band Sálin hans Jóns míns (Sálin, for short), has released his third solo album, Fudur, the last in the series Japl, Jaml og Fudur.
Japl CD Cover
Jaml CD Cover
All tracks are new and composed by Gummi Jóns. “Ilmurinn,” a track with Ný Dönsk lead singer Björn Jörundur, has already been released as a single.
Gummi Jóns collaborates with other musicians on his album, who will also play with him in a series of concerts following the release, including Jón Ólafsson, also from Ný Dönsk and Jakob Frímann Magnússon from Studmenn.
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