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Iceland Airwaves @ Nordic House (Reykjavik)

A special Iceland Airwaves Program at The Nordic House!
The beautiful Nordic House – designed by architect mastermind Alvar Aalto – has long been a staple of Reykjavík’s cultural life. For this year’s festival, Mr. Destiny has teamed up with The Nordic House and Nordic Culture Point to present a special Iceland Airwaves day-program at the Nordic House, where festivalgoers can attend intimate performances by selected Nordic Airwaves artists, check out a photography exhibit of past Airwaves highlights and fill up on a special “Airwaves Brunch” put together by the Nordic House’s skilled chefs – no wristband required. Enjoy!
Nordic Showcase at Iceland Airwaves
Nordic Showcase at Iceland Airwaves is a day program of intimate, laid-back performances by some of the top Nordic talent appearing at Iceland Airwaves 2007. Taking place in the Nordic House cafeteria as well as its performance space, the concerts will provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy some fine music in unorthodox surroundings, while feasting on the fabled Airwaves Brunch menu.
Open Interviews
Friday, 17:00
Top music journalists Árni Matthíasson (Morgunblaðið), Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen (Morgunblaðið), Christian Hoard (Rolling Stone) and others will interview selected local and international talent on-stage for your pleasure. Expect many, many golden moments as well as some great surprises. Stay tuned to the Grapevine dailies and for a complete schedule.
Screaming Masterpiece
Saturday, 17:00
Screaming Masterpiece is just that: featuring performances by múm, Björk and Sigur Rós among others. Enjoy a special screening of this famed Icelandic music documentary at the Nordic House screening room, courtesy of Zik Zak films.
Iceland Airwaves Photography Exhibit
Every day
Curated by veteran Airwaves photographer Árni Torfason, the Iceland Airwaves photography exhibit displays a selection of some of the finest moments from past festivals.
Punk vs. Disco
Every day
In Iceland, Punk and Disco reigned supreme at the dawn of the eighties. “Punk vs. Disco” – an extremely fun historical exhibit put together by the Árbæjarsafn historical museum – chronicles the rise, fall and decline of those scenes. And you can catch a branch of it on display at the Nordic House throughout the Airwaves week.
Iceland Airwaves @ Nordic House or Norræna Húsinu, nearby the main building of the University of Iceland

Icelandic artists on the Program
Lay Low
Benni Hemm Hemm, Ólöf Arnalds and Motion Boys

Thursdag/Fimmtudagurinn 18. október
13:00 - Boys in a Band (FO)
13:30 - Sprengjuhöllin (IS)
17:00 - Fjallabræður (IS)
Friday/Föstudagurinn 19. október
13:00 - Lay Low (IS)
13:30 - Jenny Wilson (SE)
17:00 - Opin viðtöl m/Árna Matt, Bubba Morthens o.fl.
Saturday/Laugardagurinn 20. október
12:30 - Ólöf Arnalds (IS)
13:00 - Frost (NO)
13:30 - Seabear (IS)
14:00 - Benni Hemm Hemm (IS)
14:30 - Radio LXMBRG (SE)
15:00 - Deathmetal Supersquad (IS)
15:30 - Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band (DK)

16:00 - Motion Boys (IS)
17:00 - Gargandi Snilld (Screaming Masterpiece)

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