mánudagur, október 08, 2007

Sigur Ros @ The New Yorker Festival: Ethereal Sounds

Saturday night marked the US premiere of Sigur Ros's forthcoming tour documentary, Heima. To celebrate the evening, the Icelandic post-rockers performed two separate and intimate acoustic sets (prior to the film) at 7:30 and midnight, respectively, in Florence Guild Hall. With scant on-stage banter, the band selected a glorious trio of tunes in the form of 'Agaetis Byrjun', 'Heima', and 'Untitled #4 (Njosnavelin)'. In spite of the all-too-short set, the 15-minute pre-show was simply amazing.
Heima (which directly translates into 'at home') showcases Sigur Ros during the summer of 2006, when the band decided to perform two weeks worth of impromptu concerts at picturesque farms, villages and major cities throughout Iceland. Accompanied by Amiina, the bands share their personal day-to-day experiences, favorite tour memories and scattered humorous tales over the course of the documentary's 100 minutes. The film also features a multitude of live performances from the majority of the aforementioned gigs. A roaring and electrifying version of 'Untitled #8 (Pop Song)', from Reykjavik, closes Heima.

Source: http://musicslut.blogspot.com

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