fimmtudagur, október 11, 2007

Evolution of Waters Video

Valgeir Sigurdsson & Bonnie Prince Billy: "Evolution of Waters"

From Valgeir's album Ekvílibríum.
Director/animator Una Lorenenzen:
The video is made with a mixture of three different methods; The main part is made with oil paint that is animated frame by frame on top of underlitt glass. Linedrawings are scratched with a needle on the surface of a 35mm film and layered on top of the painted animation. The third visual is a recording of an experimental 16mm film performance by the artist Miles A. Martinez.
The usage of these different textures in these handcrafted and often slightly rough visuals are meant to illustrate the different textures and layers in the song. The visuals are also illustrating the lyrics of the song that can be interpreted as either metaphors or real situations. Most of the video seems to happen underwater or perhaps in the mind of one man. There are glimpses into scenes that suggest a lovestory but it is left to the audience to put the puzzles together and create their own version of it.

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