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DJ Platurn From Oakland to Iceland: A Hip-Hop Homecoming

Oakland to Iceland
The homecoming of a DJ who left Iceland @ the age of 7. Now he's back to search for his Icelandic roots.

From Oakland to Iceland : A Hip-Hop Homecoming is a documentary about Iceland native DJ Platurn, raised in California and his "homecoming" tour playing in Iceland where he lived until age 7. The film explores his 3 week tour playing hip-hop music for his native Icelanders, where he exhibits his talents as a scratch/trick DJ, among other things.
DJ Platurn is also part of the famed Oakland Faders crew from the East Bay Area who won the Toyota Scion Mixtape Competition in 2004.
The film includes footage of DJ Platurn literally "coming home", traveling into the moonlike countryside of Iceland, re-connecting with his grandparents and relatives, playing various gigs and shows in Reykjavik, and of course, interviews and excerpts with dozens of local DJ´s, rappers and MC´s, graffiti artists, B-Boys and promoters in the local hip-hop scene in Iceland.
The film also explores what the Icelandic DJ and rapper´s reality is all about being from a safe and relatively wealthy small Nordic country; what they rhyme about, how they experience what hip-hop is all about, local politics in hip-hop and how Icelandic hip-hop music has a life of it´s own.
Finally, the film explores the bi-cultural issues involved in DJ Platurn´s life as an Icelander raised in the U.S.A. and in his DJ-ing, music and career.
The film is in English, is approximately 60 minutes long and will be premiered in the fall of 2008.
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