sunnudagur, október 07, 2007

Japanese Website for Icelandic Musicians Launched

A new Japanese website dedicated to Icelandic musicians,Iceland Cafe,, was launched recently to help promote artists who the website’s organizers feel deserve international recognition in Japan.
On, the artists are introduced within the framework of the cultural context reflected in their music, so the website’s Japanese visitors can learn more about Icelandic culture as well as the local music scene.
The purpose of the website is not just to provide Icelandic musicians with potential sponsorship from Japanese parties, but also to promote Icelandic culture, which the team feels deserves as much attention as Iceland’s nature.
The website’s owner is Yuka Ogura, who is also the owner of record label ICELANDia. She will be visiting Iceland between October 7 to 20 and invites Icelandic artists interested in the project to contact her via
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