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Trúbrot in Wikipedia

Trúbrot were an Icelandic psychedelic/progressive rock band active in the late 1960s and early 1970s. They were one of the foremost groups on the Icelandic rock scene from this time period.
The band was formed in 1969 as an Icelandic supergroup comprised of members of the bands Hljómar and Flowers. Their eponymous first album was released that same year, a collection of orchestral and organ-backed pop songs which included a cover of The Beatles's "Things We Said Today" and a nine-minute mini-opera "Afgangar", which was based on Richard Wagner's Tannhäuser.
While the first album is entirely in Icelandic, later albums featured more English singing. 1971's Lifun came in a hexagonal cover.
Several members of this band would become part of the group Náttúra, who released one album in 1972. Trúbrot itself broke up in 1973.
Shady Owens : vocals
Gunnar Þórðarson: guitar, flute, vocals
Karl Sighvatsson: organ, piano
Rúnar Júlíusson: vocals, bass
Gunnar Jökull Hákonarson: drums, vocals
Magnús Kjartansson: piano, organ, vocals
Ólafur Garðarsson: drums
Trúbrot (Steinar/EMI, 1969; Reissued on CD, Steinar, 1992)
Undir Áhrifum (Parlophone, 1970; Reissued on CD, Steinar, 1992)
Lifun (Geimsteinn, 1971; Reissued on CD, Geimsteinn, 1991)
Mandala (Private Press, 1972)
Hrif (1974)

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