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Ragga & the Jack Magic Orchestra Videos

Ragga (aka Ragnhildur Gisladottir) and the Jack Magic Orchestra
"Man in the Moon"

"Where are they now"

"Merry go around"

Ragnhildur Gísladóttir (Ragga) is internationally known to the audience as a singer and actress.
Due to her exceptional voice and vocal skills she is one of the very few who are in one league with Kate Bush and Nina Hagen.
Ragga was founder of the first icelandic girl band called Grýlurnar before joining Studmenn. She is an active musician with numerous records, there among also her outstanding solo-albums "Rombigy", "Ragga and the Jack Magic Orchestra", "Ragga and the Human Body Orchestra" (which was nominated "best record" by the critics in Germany 2001) and "Baby".
As an actress she stared in numerous musicals and plays, just recently in "Hedwig". Ragga played the lead in "Með allt á hreinu" (On Top), "Karlakórinn Hekla" (The men´s choir), "Cool Jazz and Coconuts" (Hvítir Mávar) and "Góða Úngfrúin og Húsið" (Honour of the House), which was the Icelandic entry for the "Oscar" in 1999. She was appointed " Best Actress of Scandinavia" for her performance in this film.

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