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Two Little Dogs PR and Reykjavik to Foundation join forces

The English Two Little Dogs PR and the Dutch Reykjavik to Foundation have decided to join forces, as from 2008. Their combined strength will result in a cooperation with strong promotional and organizational skills, operating not only as an event organizer, but also as a booking agent with an expanding international contact base.
Two Little Dogs is mostly known for being the organizers behind Reykjavik Nights in London, a successful formula that goes into its 3rd event in November. Aside from this is Two Little Dogs are also bringing European and American based artists to Iceland. Two Little dogs has been active as a booking agent for a number of Icelandic Bands involved in their Reykjavik Nights in London.
The Reykjavik to Foundation has been an organizer of large scale Icelandic Cultural Festivals for two years, Including not only music, but dance, film and art. First solely based in Holland and in 2008 venturing out into Germany, Denmark, Finland and the Baltic States, aiming to widen the field of operation every year. In 2009 more european countries will be added to the list, amongst them France and the Czech republic. In 2010 a long term festival tour around America will be the main objective.
The combination of the two results in a booking agency for any of the musicians participating in one of the organized events, thus enabling them to benefit to the fullest from their involvement.
Celebrate with us on October 18th!
To celebrate this new co-operation we would like to invite you to our first sign of togetherness. On October 18 we will present 3 performances: Rökkurró (Reykjavik to Rotterdam, November 24), Bloodgroup (Reykjavik Nights in London, November 28) and Æla (Reykjavik Nights in London, June 17). The event will take place in Hresso (where the info centre of Iceland Airwaves is located) from 15.00 to 18.00.

Reykjavik to Foundation
Marcel Edwin Deelen

Two Little Dogs
Kolla Karlsdottir

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